Do you know the basics to safely enjoy boating and be prepared for a fun adventure on the water?

What safety equipment do you need to have with you on your boat? Do you understand cold water, the 1-10-1 principle and what could happen if you were to accidentally fall into cold water? Do you have your reboarding device readily available? And if your boat doesn’t come with a reboarding ladder, do you know how to make a rope one?

Learn more on boating safety and increase your awareness about cold water and boating sober.

Boating Safety Videos

Safety Equipment
Basic PWC Safety
Rope Ladder
Fall Boating

Boat Sober Videos

Alcohol & Boating
Boating, Alcohol & Consequences
Drinking & Boating Experiment

Cold Water Videos

1-10-1 Part 2
1-10-1 Extended
The First 60 Seconds
Surviving Cold Water
Cold Water Rescue Demo
Cold Water Boot Camp
Cold Water Survival