Our collection of educational videos showcase tips and techniques for staying safe while you are out on a boating adventure, no matter how long of a journey it is.

Boating Safety Videos

Safety Equipment
Basic PWC Safety
Rope Ladder
Fall Boating
Alcohol & Boating
Boating, Alcohol & Consequences
Drinking & Boating Experiment
1-10-1 Part 2
1-10-1 Extended
The First 60 Seconds
Surviving Cold Water
Cold Water Rescue Demo
Cold Water Boot Camp
Cold Water Survival

General Boating Videos

Homemade Bailer
Vessel Loading
Rules of the Road
Canadian Buoy System
Powerboat VSC Under 6m
Powerboat VSC 6-9m
Getting Your Boating License
Pre-Departure Check
Preparation Before You Go
Night Boating
How to Throw Series
How to Throw: Life Ring
How to Throw: Ski Rope
How to Throw: Throw Bag
Cut-Off Switch

Technique Videos

Entering & Exiting Kayak
How to Tie a Cleat Hitch
Storing Your Lines
Packing a Throw Bag
Standing Up on a Paddleboard
Wearing a PFD & Ankle Leash
SUP & Lifejacket Wear
How to Size a SUP Paddle
Falling Off Your SUP Safely
Dressing for Warm Weather Paddling
Wearing the Ankle Leash

Lifejacket Videos

Fitting & Care
Lifejacket Types
Inflatable PFD Care
Lifejackets & Cold Water
Lifejacket Challenge
SUP & Lifejacket Wear