Recreational boating is a favourite summer pastime. Canoe, Kayak, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Sailboat or Power Boat, the vessel options to explore on the water are endless.

And do you know that there are “Rules of the Water”, just like if you were in a car with the rules of the road? The Canadian Buoy system, including the legal/government markers on navigable waterways and local private markers on smaller bodies.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you head out on the water.

General Safety Videos

Homemade Bailer
Vessel Loading
Rules of the Road
Canadian Buoy System
Powerboat VSC Under 6m
Powerboat VSC 6-9m
Getting Your Boating License
Pre-Departure Check
Preparation Before You Go
Night Boating
How to Throw Series
How to Throw: Life Ring
How to Throw: Ski Rope
How to Throw: Throw Bag
Cut-Off Switch